Smells like Victory


I mean this moment in the new OVA is my life now like omg I desperately needed to draw this

also bonus pic*

They make me so happy

I’m gonna just die for a moment here

M U R D E R  B A L L A D

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— “You are indeed my child.”

— “You are my friend.”

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A parody of Spongebob - Opposite Day episode. I had been thinking about this after knowing that there are so many Ackermans for one Eren, and the horse also has dead fish eyes like the other Ackermans.

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ignore that black-shirt dork

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I caved in and drew the new Sakura design _(:3」∠)_

" You can’t just come back all of a sudden and crack a lame ass joke like that!
Do you even know what it means to be a Hokage?! “

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It's gonna be a looong double date.
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Meanwhile Naruto was screaming “SASUKEHHH!” inside Kushina’s belly.